ICN Fitness Pro Competitor and National Champion 2019

Listen to Piotr’s video as he describes his journey from the very first time he competed to the feeling of going Pro. A very inspiring transformation, that can relate to so many of us that may be feeling directionless and without a big goal to focus on.

Piotr quotes his big learning curve when going Pro:
“It’s not about winning or getting the Pro Card, it’s who you have to become to get there”.

Click on Piotr’s video and listen to what a fitness chamption has to say for you all!


ICN Fitness Competitor, 20kg leaner, and living his best life!

Listen to Matt’s video, as he talks about the experience of competing on stage for the very first time!

Matt’s journey, is particularly an inspiring one to listen to, for a 45 year old male, starting out his fitness journey, and on the road towards a Fitness Pro Card.

None of this would be possible without Matt’s discipline, drive and consistency.

At the end of the day, nothing beats the heard work you put in. Click on Matt’s video and listen to his very first experience of prep!


I joined the Pro Team because I was searching for this thing called confidence. Or whatever it is that makes someone decide that they can rock a bikini on a stage in front of a whole bunch of strangers.

My journey with the Pro Team has allowed me to grow exponentially. From being new to weight training, lost and confused about nutrition, food guilt and restriction, and being shy and reserved in new social situations. I have learned a lot about confidence, commitment and consistency, and the power of showing up for yourself. It is difficult to condense my motivations for competing into a simple sentence or two, but when it comes down to it, I wanted to prove to myself and honestly to the people around me that I could. I started with the goal to “fit in” on stage and ended with three podium finishes across two shows. Stepping off stage really for me was just a way point in a long journey of realising it isn’t selfish to invest in yourself. That taking the time to focus on and work towards being the healthiest, happiest, strongest and most balanced version of myself allows me to give more of myself to the rest of my life.

The changes in my mindset have been evident across all aspects of my life, not simply in the act of competing on one or two days of the year. It has helped strengthen my relationships and change my daily life, from habits, to work environment in prioritising my health and well-being.

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I immigrated to Australia on the 15th December 2018. Arriving here without a job or knowing anyone, it was hard and lonely…However one thing became crystal clear, the people you choose to surround yourself with, the self-talk and thoughts you allow to exist, starts to define your mind set and ultimately your actions. In realising this, I was searching for positive people and motivated people and I always wanted to prove to myself that I have what it takes to step on stage in a mens’ fitness show. Thinking back now, I am so privileged to have met Izzy that day in the gym and in turn joining The Pro Team. Now having Josh and Izzy both as my mentors and coaches, as well as making so many amazing friends, my mindset has grown into someone who can achieve anything that I put my mind to.

ICN Brisbane Classics was my first mens fitness/physique competition ever. My main goal was to meet amazing people and feeling humbled to step onto stage with amazing athletes. I ended up winning 4 of the 6 categories and qualified for ICN World Championships in Melbourne. The whole experienced placed me on a path of achieving dreams I previously though impossible. It is such a liberating feeling once you realise how limitless life can be.

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ICN Bikini Champion 2017

Josh, Izzy, Greg, and Cleo have created a truly inspiring and empowering environment. An incredibly diverse range of people reach their goals (whatever they may be) at The Pro Team and Olympia, goals that they may have once believed were unreachable. Once people realise they can achieve these goals, they are not only empowered but they then go out into the community and pass it on, inspiring other people to do the same. Surrounding yourself with people like this really is contagious!

Knowing I’m continuously supported by everyone on my team gave me not only the motivation but courage and confidence to challenge myself, set specific goals and prove to myself I can achieve them. To put myself so far out of my comfort zone, having everyone’s support was crucial to any success I have had while being part the Pro Team. Since joining the team, I have had the courage to enter Oxygen Magazine’s Cover Girl Model Search and made it to the top 8 finalists internationally, having my story and photographs printed in the magazine. The following year I entered my first season of competitive natural body building, winning 1st place in all 5 Bikini Model divisions and also the Overall Bikini Model Champion 2017.

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Lost nearly 20% of his body fat in 7 months

In life we find most people with fall into a comfort zone, we lose initiative and take easy options. I personally was one of those people and it took the ending of a long term relationship for me to seek change in the way I was living.

I did what a lot of people have done after a breakup and searched for answers and ways to improve myself. I scoured youtube for diets, nutrition and other methods that aren’t necessarily suited for me and my body type or where I was at with my fitness level.

I was introduced to the Pro Team in early March through a friend who spoke highly of the group and the core beliefs they shared. On my first visit, I was overwhelmed with the support the team showed to me a stranger, I was asked what did I want to achieve? How did I want to achieve it? And what other goals was I chasing?

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ICN Fitness competitor 2018

I remember being in awe of the life-size pictures of the goddesses in bikinis on the walls the first day I was in the Olympia gym. This was little over 4 years ago the newly single me after a 16-year relationship considered that maybe one day this could happen for me.

After 6 months of personal training at Olympia, I decided to give it a go on my own for a few reasons. I mostly did ok and was tracking my nutrition in my fitness pal but I lacked balance and often would over train or had too many days of the gym, no cardio, excuses and cheat meals that would become cheat weekends. I was often eating healthy clean foods but the wrong amounts.

Fast forward to my first InBody scan in October 2017, which really opened my eyes. For someone who went to the gym regularly, I thought I was fit, but the in body machine noted my body fat as excessive. Attending The Pro Team information session on February 18 and meeting with Josh I officially joined the Pro team.

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ICN Fitness Pro 2018

I joined The Pro Team in May 2018, as I wanted to give competing a try and challenge myself on a new level. Little did I know at the time of the many struggles to come. There where a couple of times where I questioned myself and asked: “Is all of this prep really worth it?” Spending hours training, pushing through intense cardio sessions, cooking/prepping meals and practicing my posing routines.

Thanks to Josh, Izzy and the other members of The Pro Team I found myself pushing through in the end. The advice and detail to perfection in the weekly posing practice sessions were not only educational but also fun and I found myself looking forward to them every weekend and catching up with the team.

Also, the monthly team meetings where everyone would get together and discuss upcoming events and important prep information. Not to mention comp day where I had a complete support crew backing me up and cheering for me from the audience.

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Sponsored Athlete and Bikini Competitor 2018

Joining the Pro Team has hands down been the best thing that has happened to me during my fitness journey to date. I have previously been overweight, (nearly 40kg heavier) and had started competing a couple of seasons before.

Coming from a past of unhealthy eating habits, I was very conscious that I needed a coach that also believed in a healthy approach when it came to prep.

I have had coaches which triggered some unhealthy eating habits and I was mindful of what I was looking for moving forward. Being with the Pro Team has not only strengthened my relationship with food, it has also been the healthiest, balanced and most enjoyable prep I have ever experienced.

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ICN Physique Champion 2018

“The Great Team and Coach makes the Great Competitors”

I just moved to Australia from South Korea about 3 years ago. Back in my hometown, I was doing personal trainer, so I thought that I knew about all nutrition and all training plans.

I never thought about any of competitions before (didn’t really interested me), but early this year, all of sudden I decided to go in ICN competition, which was “2018 Rookie Of Year” for Season A. I was preparing all by my self and I thought my prep was perfect and I was pretty sure that I was gonna make 1st place at least one of the divisions (I went to for 3 Divisions) but, I couldn’t get in any of 1st place, and I made 2nd, 2nd, 2nd.

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Joining the Pro-team has literally changed my life!

It may look like a bodybuilding team but it is so much more. I have been a member now for nearly three years and have learned so much in this time. They do NOT just prepare you for a competition but for life itself. You are not just told what to eat, you are TAUGHT how to eat to fuel your body for the best results both for now and into the future. On top of this, we are taught how to set goals, and not just fitness goals, but goals that relate to your life as a whole. Then we are taught how to turn goals into action so we don’t just hit them, we smash them.

On top of all this you are surrounded by like-minded people and all of a sudden you don’t feel uncomfortable or weird discussing gym workouts or calories because they’re all into that as well. I was a gym junkie for many years before joining the pro-team and even though I had lost a lot of my weight I could never quite reach my weight loss goals until I decided to compete.

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Fitness, strength training and discipline is a journey I have been on for a long time now but have often fallen off rails. My goal this year has been to find a routine/plan that I can stick to and evolve with for life. Through training and discipline, I find I grow as a person and have a more fulfilling life. When I went to watch the Season B comp last year at Chandler I just thought this team is the coolest thing ever and I want to be a part of it. The comradery, friendships, coaching and support network is what I love about the pro team. I think going through the whole process with the team was the best part. The ups, the downs, the hard workouts, the diet. I made some great friendships in the process and even though it was bloody tough, I had the best time going through it all (even though there were a few emotional moments).

The number one thing I learned is that I am a lot stronger than I realised. Anything I set my mind to I can archive. If I could recommend one thing to anyone thinking about competing – JOIN THE PRO TEAM! Also give it everything you’ve got and don’t just compete for yourself, Join the team to help others reach their goals and compete as a team/family.


My wife, Param, always wanted to win a bikini modelling contest. She joined the Pro Team, and for nearly a year kept saying to me: “Let’s do this together!” I “had no time”, and frankly: no motivation to do it. In January, 2018, however, I took on doing things to make Param happy, rather than just doing whatever I wanted and hoping she was happy with that – and I jumped in and joined her. 14 weeks later, I was in the best shape I’ve ever been, on stage with six pack abs,;and we were having the time of our lives, surrounded by a team of people getting fit, strong, and healthy, ticking goals off the bucket list, and having fun in life. I lost 8 kgs of body fat, going down to 8.8%, and increased my lean muscle by over 2 kgs. My biggest problem now is most of my clothes don’t fit me! We’re eating incredibly healthy, and looking forward to competing together at the World Championship in October. When I got to that competition I discovered that an overall division winner gets given the Atlantean Sword – the one from Conan the Barbarian. I did the first competition to make my wife happy. Now, I’m doing it for the Sword.


I have been an avid gym goer since I was fourteen and it has been always been a big part of my life. However eighteen months ago I decided it was time to take things to a new level, to commit myself to getting on stage and have all the work that I put into my physique, judged against others. I was always committed to the gym and training and motivation has never been the issue. In fact it’s the opposite, forcing myself to rest is the bigger challenge. Before joining Olympia I had very little knowledge on calories and macros. It wasn’t until I meet my coach Josh that would change. He taught me the importance of monitoring and sticking to a set amount of calories and all about macros. This really was the biggest change which took my physique to a whole new level. Josh also stressed the importance of posing and would go through every fine detail with each pose, trying to bring out my very best.

Being a serving full time Soldier has made the road to the stage a difficult and a longer one then I had hoped or anticipated. Being away for extended periods from home, with limited to no gym equipment and being unable to control my activity levels. Another big challenge is the task of trying to maintain your calories and macros, when sometimes you are living on ration packs or access to food or the ability to cook is extremely limited. But I would still do my best regardless of the situation to keep to the plan. I would find room in a vehicle to pack weights and a bench and would fit in my sessions when I could. I would carry whatever food and supplements that would fit into my pack.

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One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was joining The Pro Team! Competition Day is super fun, exciting, overwhelming and empowering, but having an amazing team backing you the whole way is what makes the day so special. I had so much fun at the ICN Rookies show. After a year of working on myself since my last show and with the help of Izzy, Josh, and all of the Saturday morning posing sessions, I had drastically improved my posing and my confidence had grown a lot as well. I had gained a lot of muscle, learnt some sassy hair flicks and felt my best yet.

Unfortunately I didn’t place at Rookies, and that made me want to improve even more for the ICN Brisbane Classic show. With the help of my trainer/coach Izzy, we set out a plan for how I could fix the things that needing fixing for my next show. We worked on popping the lats more, leaning and tightening up through the stomach, and adding some minor tweaks to my posing. I handled my prep better than ever for the Brisbane Classic show.

When show day came, I was the most confident and the leanest I had ever been! I had an absolute ball on stage, and ended up placing 5th in one of my bikini divisions, and in my swimsuit division. My biggest goal for comp has always been to win a trophy, so I was thrilled that I had finally hit that goal! Every line up was extremely tough and without the help and guidance of The Pro Team, I would not have been able to make the changes I needed to make in order to place and bring my best package yet to the stage.