Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be part of a bodybuilding team that share the same goals, passions, values, and lifestyle?
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Your goals to compete on stage (and long term health and fitness goals) are extremely valuable to The Pro Team. You are on a journey to become a better version of yourself, which starts from the in side out – Your mind set, core values, and personal development.

From here the physical changes, such as aesthetics or strength and conditioning take place and start to transform you. This can only be achieved from a clear goal you have set, a clear plan from your competition coaches, and understanding your mindset and how to keep persevering. The Pro Team have some of the best bodybuilding coaches to support you every step of the way.

If you want to get fit & fabulous and feel a part of something special - this is the place. Love you guys always!

Giorgia Piscina

I could write an essay on The Pro Team on how it has personally made my life, lifestyle, views & goals change dramatically in all the right ways.
But more importantly how this Team helps every single member achieve the exact same change. It has only been one year since I started with the Pro Team, & I could not imagine what life would be without them.
I am excited for how much more I can grow as a person, & highly recommend everyone to just come and see for themselves what exactly this Team stands for.

Zara van Nimwegen

Doing a fitness competition is hard work. Having a team of professionals to guide you through the process makes it so much easier. In addition to this you have a built in cheer squad on the day. I cannot recommend this team highly enough. I have seen so many competitors try to go it alone on stage day and I will always recommend using a team to assist as the guess work is removed and you can focus solely on training for the big day.

Nicole Moir

Every time I see a Pro team member at the gym or in public they are always so positive and friendly, even with out being on the Pro Team they make me feel like i am 1 of them. Couldn't ask for a better group of people to be around the gym with. Much love and respect.

Tom Martin

I joined just before the new year and have absolutely loved every moment since joining. I can’t wait to compete it’s going to be fun. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it on my own/without the support of the Pro Team and Head Coaches - so thank you Josh, Izzy & Cleo. Come checkout the Pro Team! You will love it!

Erin Clark

The best team in the world

Sami Muhonen



Your goal is our goal. Our bodybuilding competition coaches and trainers have 7-9 years of experience in competition prep and show day, for males and females across many federations.

It was ironic that Joshua Greaney (Head coach) and Izzy Davis (Assistant head coach) met at an old University gym in Brisbane, and of course clicked instantly over their passion for training, nutrition, and competing.

The pair have been prepping along side each other, and coaching one another for their most recent competitions in 2018.

Joshua and Izzy’s unique blend of personalities ensures their clients have the right balance from precision, structure, and accountability – to fun, personal, and balanced.

When coached for your competition by Joshua and Izzy, the key to their approach is flexibility, lifestyle focused, education based, and long term results. Yes – this means you can ditch your chicken and broccoli container right now.

Each of our members are unique, and have different needs to how to be prepped and trained for their competition. Which is why YOUR prep will never be the exact same as some else’s.

Joshua and Izzy listen carefully to each of their members, they understand your goal, and they do everything in their power together to make sure you achieve that goal in the healthiest, most efficient, and enjoyable way possible!


At age 19, Joshua had no idea what a gym was, weighed in at 47kg, with little to no self confidence for himself. Through a serious of transformation competitions, 12 week challenges, and lifestyle competitions, Joshua developed a strong passion for bettering himself and setting high achieving goals. Ultimately, stepping up on stage and competing in bodybuilding competitions became the sport for him.

Since his journey in receiving his ICN Fitness Pro Card, 2x Overall titles, and recently crowned Pro Men’s Fitness National Champion in 2018, Joshua fell in love with helping others step outside of any place comfortable, to achieve incredible results too.

Joshua has a strict, results focused and competitive, personality. He is patient, and always is after the best possible results for his clients. Joshua will go above and beyond to keep every one of his clients on track, accountable, and achieving what they’ve set themselves out for.

If you need someone in your corner to keep your goals in check, and backing you up each step of the way, Joshua is the bodybuilding competition coach you need.

Want to prep with one of the best? Message Josh now!