Looking for a bodybuilding competition prep coach? Join The Pro Team and take your health and fitness to the next level with the worlds most supportive bodybuilding competition team Brisbane and online.

We are a team of like-minded, positive, and passionate individuals ready to take our goals to the next level in bodybuilding competition preparation training. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are starting from, your strength, how old you are, or what shape and size you are currently in. The Pro Team is committed in creating a positive, and supportive environment, in which we will help you from the very beginning to prepare for a bikini, fitness, or bodybuilding competition – plus everything beyond!

Of course, we are focused on physical transformations. This is achieved with our personalised competition prep nutrition plans, specific competition prep strength training programs, and the result is measured through regular InBody body composition scans to track body fat and muscle mass progression.

Although what makes us unique, is not only the exciting changes from sculpting your dream physique, but the confidence and self-esteem boost you will gain from becoming a Pro Team lifelong competitor.  Coach Joshua Greaney has a vision is to challenge your mindset, create long term healthy habits, educate you about training and nutrition, and give you all the tools to create a balanced lifestyle where you can stay in incredible shape for the rest of your life!

As professional bodybuilding competition prep coaches, we believe your health and fitness goals should always excite you, yet challenge you at the same time – and that is EXACTLY what stepping on stage in front of thousands of people is all about!