The Pro Team has experience in prepping our clients for a variety of bodybuilding competition federations and divisions. This includes the three largest and most popular bodybuilding federations in Australia:
ICN (iCompete Natural),
✓ WBFF (World Beauty Fashion Fitness),
IFBB (International Federation Bodybuilding).
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What Bodybuilding Federation Is Right For Me?

There are several bodybuilding federations in Australia, with the most active federations being: IFBB (International Federation Bodybuilding, WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion), ICN (iCompete Natural), and INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association).
There are many similarities between these bodybuilding federations in body shape, symmetry and proportion, and conditioning.

Each bodybuilding federation has similarities in posing, however stage presence across these vary considerably.

WBFF Competitions Australia and worldwide
– The WBFF shows are held on the Gold Coast, Sydney, and worldwide annually.
– WBFF is not a bodybuilding federation, it stands for World Beauty Fitness and Fashion. 
– The WBFF judging criteria is based on the full presentation on stage, where 60% of judging is on the physique and beauty, and 40% of judging is on stage presence.
– WBFF divisions include: WBFF diva bikini model, WBFF diva fitness model, WBFF diva figure model, WBFF men’s fitness model, and WBFF men’s muscle model.
– WBFF competitors either compete at amateur or pro level.
– Pro Team coach, Izzy Davis, is a WBFF Bikini Pro competitor, and won her Pro Card in July 2019.
– WBFF requires one on one posing assistance, as the posing on stage is very unique in what suits your body shape best. It is best to see a WBFF posing coach one on one to assist with your routine and confidence on stage.

ICN Competitions Australia and worldwide
– ICN is structured into two seasons annually (Season A and Season B) around Australia and overseas.
– ICN is a natural bodybuilding federation in amateur and pro level.
– Categories include: First timers, novice, age and weight groups, mumma’s, angels, and one piece.
– Divisions include: ICN bikini model, ICN sports model, ICN fitness model, ICN figure, ICN mens fitness model, ICN physique, ICN bodybuilding, and ICN classic physique.
– Pro Team coach, Joshua Greaney, is an ICN Fitness Pro competitor, and won his Pro Card in May 2016.

IFBB Competitions Australia and worldwide
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What Division Should I Do?

In each bodybuilding federation, there are a range of divisions to pick from. The most popular among most federations for females include: Bikini model, fitness model, and figure model. Additionally, the most popular among most federations for males include: Fitness model, Physique, and Bodybuilding.
The differences in divisions are through body fat composition, muscle mass and muscle maturity, as well as poses and stage presentation.

Your division you chose to compete in is a combined decision from your competition prep coach and personal preference, which is decided in your consultation together and reviewed throughout your prep. It is possible to compete in more than one division and federation in a competition season, and you are not locked into one division or federation.

Which Season Should I Compete In?

There are many bodybuilding competitions that run throughout the year. Most common times to compete in the year are referred to as Seasons. Season A includes the competitions in the first half of the year (usually anywhere from March – June), and Season B includes competitions in the second half of the year (usually anywhere from August – November). Competitions run interstate and internationally for ICN, WBFF, and IFBB, so choosing your bodybuilding competition date will depend on where in Australia or worldwide you wish to compete.

When Should I Start Preparing?

Deciding when to start prepping for your bodybuilding competition, heavily depends on the end goals and the starting point for each individual. This is decided from both the competitor and coach together. A shorter prep (anywhere from 4 months or less) will usually mean less time to focus on muscle mass and muscle maturity, as the focus will begin with reducing body fat and allowing for various diet breaks.

The Pro Team usually recommends a longer prep for each competitor (anywhere from 12 months to 4 months), to allow time to mentally focus on their goal, time to perfect their poses and routines, more time to focus on muscle mass and muscle maturity, and not rush the body fat reduction process. This is the main reason why our Pro Team package is the same value, no matter how long the prep time is – as a longer competition prep is always more rewarding and sustainable!

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